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The powerful coalition of Wiktor Leo Burnett, Starmedia, Socialists, Leopard Production, Digitask and Data Science brings you a new perspective on marketing communication for the era hit by corona virus pandemic and after it.

Model of this integrated communication group built on synergy of data, expertise and organisation structure, allows to  facilitate cross-category know-how, hence quicker and more effective reactions to current challenges. 

New hope

We would like to present you chosen outcomes of an exclusive in-house study on current mood of Slovak society, carried out on a sample of 1 000 respondents aged 18 – 60 years.

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Keep calm
& carry on
Fed up Relax &
no stress
No job,
no money
Panic mode

This is how
corona divided us

Perception of corona crisis divides Slovaks into five different „mood“ groups. Good news is that only two of them could be labelled as critical, and account for one quarter of Slovak population. All in all, up to 75% of Slovaks claim that they are fine and doing well.

Vladimír Lefík

strategy director,
Wiktor Leo Burnett
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Panic index shows that Slovaks are not particularly stressed out. One in 10 Slovaks is afraid they will get infected, and only 5% feel paralyzed by the current situation. It looks like Slovaks accepted the pandemic situation, shock is  over, and life goes on.

Vladimír Lefík

strategy director,
Wiktor Leo Burnett
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Current Panic Index

Not another word
about corona!

The virus has been around for far too long and people have enough of it. 83,1% of Slovaks are fed up with the whole „corona thing“, yet 60% immediately switch channels when they overhear something about it in TV.

Martin Repka

executive producer,
Leopard Production
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Who is responsible for this pickle?

It is no surprise that at least one third of people prefer simple answers to complicated questions. And this applies to current situation as well. Virus didn’t appear out of nowhere and the „vaccination theme“ is perceived as a plot from pharmaceutical companies. So what are people’s perceptions and beliefs, when it comes to virus conception?

  • Chinese laboratory: 27,2%
  • Bat: 27,3%
  • Punishment from God: 5,4%

influencer era

Scientists are absolute winners when it comes to credibility in these days.

Only them and the Slovak president are considered trustworthy. Everybody else is rather not to be trusted when it comes to current happenings.

Ján Stareček

digital & data science director, Data Science Listen (SK) Read without audio


Let’s get rid of the face masks, it’s time for sales and new arrivals! Over 74% of Slovaks have no problem with companies’ ambitions to sell their products despite quarantine.

Only 4% perceives companies’ efforts to sustain their business as ruthless.

Lucia Bubelínyová

client service director, Starmedia Listen (SK) Read without audio

It’s time
to surprise

More than a half of people expect the world to be different once the virus storms over, while 85% believe that it will change people for better. This is an ideal environment for brands to present themselves in a new light. 

Stanislav Várady

Stanislav Várady

digital project manager, Digitask Listen (SK) Read without audio

We are more likely to starve to death

Nearly 76,5 % believe that economic impact will be worse than the virus itself.

Matovič syndrome

People rarely agree on politics. 16,2% say we will name square after Prime minister Igor Matovič, while 32,7% say it will be a diagnosis. It seems it is desired to bring peace instead of stress.

Martin Kukoľ

Chief of Socialists, Socialists Listen (SK) Read without audio

do it together

Are you curious what useful implications the study brings for your business?

Just let us know and we will merge data with our cross-category specialization to point out specific opportunities that this era brings along.

Let’s get back to the future as soon as possible and stronger than ever before!

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