Drink from your kitchen

Author: Martina Mazúchová|Date: 24. June 2020

Even though revenues from alcoholic beverages grew by 4% in March in retail, they were not able to cover the shortfall pubs and restaurants experienced during coronavirus. Together with our client Stock we reacted quickly and created a campaign named “Drink from you kitchen”.

Quarantine radically changed the way we lived our lives. From one day to another, we cut activities we enjoyed. Advertisers also cut the volume of campaigns and many in order to avoid risks remained silent. Our client Stock experienced a drop in sales of their products in HoReCa segment. There was no plan to communicate in ATL for 2020, but the situation did not allow us not to react. We decided to bring pub atmosphere to people´s houses by videorecipes of coctails and mixed drinks.

What topics were hot in Slovakia?

During corona we were continuously monitoring people’s behaviour on social media – we knew what they posted, what hashtags they used, what topics sparked their interest. Social media, keywords (in user posts and comments) and hashtags analysis showed that Slovaks learn new skills, come up with various activities and try to bring their life beyond the walls of their households. 

Facebook and Instagram keywords growth trend caused by home-based activities of Slovaks (beside facemasks sewing), e.g. *handmade, *dnestvorim etc.
The trend of increasing the occurrence of hashtags on IG in connection with alcohol, e.g.: #beer #vino #winetime.

As a solution to this challenge, we created the campaign Drink from your kitchen. 

2 minutes spent with the brand

As a strong player in the category of alcoholic beverages Stock involved their court bartender, who secured all production in quarantine and low-budget conditions. As a result 20 original video recipes for drinks were created, all based on the main ingredient from Stock portfolio. 

Appropriate placement for target audience 18+, restrictions due to the nature of the products and the need to present big volume of content resulted in a media strategy:

  • initial awareness was built on short teasing videos on FB and IG
  • followed by longer video recipes for the drinks on YouTube, that allowed us to display the whole portfolio of their brands
  • spreading the content through recommendation widgets in Strossle network. 

Result was awesome – almost 1 million views on YouTube with view rate 60-70%. Users were exposed to our message and brand for 2 mins in avg in very natural way. Such a result couldn´t be reached by standard campaign. Demand for the topic and our quick reaction played crucial role in it.  

Awareness campaign that sells

Our effort was to make the purchase funnel easier for consumers and navigate them to the partnering e-shop Mabo.sk. Although we haven´t used performance formats in campaign (action buttons couldn´t be active), mention of the e-shop in video description was enough for users to drive them to action. Sales of video-promoted products scored 7-times higher on Mabo.sk as a result of the campaign. We have taken advantage of consumer´s demand for online shopping and partially covered the sales decrease of pubs and restaurants.

At a time when food producers were hesitant about whether or not to launch campaigns, we did not linger and it paid off. In addition to a satisfied client, this was also confirmed by a survey within the Striking Back Coalition initiative – 74,4% of people consider it normal that companies try to sell despite quarantine.  

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